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Newborn baby sleeps with her head rested on mommys shoulder



Michigan Maternity Photographer

Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Brighton, Saline, Pinckney, Whitmore Lake, Grass Lake, Plymouth, Livoinia, Novi 

Newborn            Photography

I want you to remember the little things. The way your baby's ear crinkles, or their little chin roll. It's about remembering them just the way they are. I do a lot of in arms, natural frames of how you would normally snuggle your baby to sleep. You won't find any crazy poses or props here. I will gently pose so you have guidance in those first few weeks where most things are a haze. I want you to look back an instantly remember the feeling of having your baby close against your heart. 

sleeping newborn baby girl wearing only a diaper, lays in a gray blanket on top of a white bed. She is wearing a beige bow around her head. Newborn photography by Sophia Pedrys


A mother smiles at newborn baby after hospital birth in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while dad tenderly touches the new baby's hand. Birth photography by Sophia Pedrys

The day your baby is born is something you will never forget. I want to capture your strength and the beauty that bringing life into the world is. It doesn't have to be a scary event. It can hold so much love and peace. Every mother deserves to see how much strength she has. 

happy parents smile at newborn baby after hospital birth in Ann Arbor, MI with birth photographer Sophia Pedrys

Romantic, dreamy, and real. Capturing how it felt right then.

Sophia Pedrys, Ann Arbor Newborn Photographer, stands outside in front of a flowering tree, smiling at the camera

About me

I didn't grow up in Michigan but it has become my favorite place to be. I live in a small town on a couple acres with my husband and two kids. I always wanted to be a mother and when we got pregnant with our first I thought everything was so magical. I love hearing other women's birth stories and the things they love about motherhood. I am drawn to photographing pregnancy, newborns, and birth. I finally felt like 'me' when I became a mother and even more so when I started taking pictures of this journey for other moms. My favorite pictures of my family are where you see me interacting with my kids. They are both so different and capturing that is what I want hung on the walls in my home.

Whenever I could I enrolled in art classes and design throughout college. I remember thinking that they were the 'just for fun' classes but I should of known then that it was in my heart. I finally bought my first camera right after college but didn't really start taking it seriously until I had my kids and found my area of passion. 

My sessions are relaxed, lots of play and getting those moments of how it feels right then. I will gently pose so that you have some guidance but my goal is to always capture you how you are. 


Sweet sleeping newborn baby rests against parent, while their hand cradles the back of their head. Image by Ann Arbor Newborn Photographer Sophia Pedrys

Let's talk

Ann Arbor, Michigan


newborn bay wearing only a diaper and laying on a white blanket yawns during newborn session with Sophia Pedrys
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