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Newborn baby after birth laying on moms chest while he cries for the first time. Mommy smiles as she holds her baby close.

Birth Photography

Birth Photography is for the ones who want to remember it all. I will capture you as you are. There is no posing, no guidance, just you working through your contractions and me capturing it. But with the best angles and lighting possible! I am more PG rated with my shots so that you can print these as a book. This is about showing you your strength and beauty through it all. So you can work through the series of events that unfolded before your little one came earth side. And so you can see their first breath, their first cry, and see your partners eyes when he looks at you. 

New mom and dad in the hospital right after birth gazing at their new baby.
Mom holding her baby right after birth in the hospital bed introducing big brother to his new sister bundled in her arms.
Newborn baby getting his newborn exam from a nurse in blue gloves. She holds baby above the bed and shows the camera the babys little feet.
At the hospital right after birth mom is holding her new baby while Dad gets his first good look at the baby. The placenta is next to mom in a hospital bin still attached to baby. Photo by Birth Photographer Sophia Pedrys
Mom sits in the hospital bed bundling her newborn baby in a pink fuzzy blanket. There is twinkle lights above her and she gazes at her baby.
Chunky newborn baby in mommys arms wrapped in the hospital blanket and with the hospital pink and blue hat on.
Newborn baby being put on moms stomach directly after birth. Newborn cries out and mom smiles seeing her.
Mom and Dad staring at their baby in the hospital bed. they are wrapped up and look so in love.
Pregnant mom is in the hospital working through an intense contraction. Her husband holds her hand looking concerned for her.
Newborn baby on moms chest wrapped in the hospital blanket. Close up of moms hands holding baby close to her.
Newborn baby announcement in the hospital. She is wrapped in a pink fuzzy blanket and has a big white bow on her head.
Mom looks at her new baby after birth as her OB hands her her newborn baby. She tries to hold back crying since she is so happy.
New mom stares at her newborn baby in her arms. Baby is wrapped in a white hospital blanket and has her hand up by her face.
New baby squints and throws her arms up. She is crying and has a hospital hat on.
Mom in a hospital bed with her newborn baby in her arms. He is crying and she is talking to him and has her hand cradled under his head. She has a hosiptal gown half on and a blood pressure cuff still on her arm.
Chunky newborn baby in her moms arms. She is wearing a new lil sis onsie and her mom is still in the hospital gown smiling.
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