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Family Sessions

Let's explore the lake shore, go for a walk in the woods, or roam around a green house. Kids need to explore, let's let them be little and let me capture you in the best angles. 

My style is true to color so in the falls we will see lots of warm tones. At the Christmas tree farm there is clean whites and green tones for the trees. I will pull out the colors that are already there and use them to highlight the emotion in each frame. 

little girl jumping and laughing in the leaves while her mom crouches down laughing with her
two little boys stand next to eachother in plaid matching shirts. The younger boy is sticking out his tounge and smiling while throwing up a peace sign. His older brother smiles next to him
mom and dad stand facing eachother in front of a red barn, they are laughing and holding eachother.
little girl smiles in the fall trees with her parents standing behind her
mom and dad snuggle on a blanket in the fall leaves. Dad gives mom a kiss on the side of her head while he hugs her close
Dad stands behind mom holding her by the lake with golden fall colors coming through. Mom looks back at Dad and smiles. Photo by Family Photographer Sophia Pedrys
toddler boy running on a bridge in the fall with a big smile on his face
toddler girl in a christmas dress and her mommy holding her while they both laugh with big smiles. Christmas tree farm is behind them. Photo by Family Photographer Sophia Pedrys
Family standing at a Christmas Tree Farm all holding hands and smiling. Little girl is in a sparkly pink dress and Mom is in a navy blue dress. The boys are all in dress shirts and jeans.
Close up of toddler boy standing on a bridge with the fall colors behind him. He has white blonde hair and is holding the railing while looking at the camera and smiling. Photo by Family Photographer Sophia Pedrys
Dad kisses moms forehead in front of a red barn. She smiles softly wearing a navy blue dress.
Family of five standing holding hands on a bike path in the fall leaves with the sun streaming in. The mom is in black boots with a cream floral dress and the boys are all in slacks and casual dress shirts. Photo by Family Photographer Sophia Pedrys
little girl in a plaid dress standing with her mommy in the fall trees. Photo by Family Photographer Sophia Pedrys
Little girl in a pink sparkly Christmas dress holds her mommys hand and smiles sweetly at the camera.
Two toddler brothers and thier littlest brother lay on a cream blanket. The baby is in the middle and is crying while the two toddlers on either side are smiling at the camera
Dad holds baby boy in a Christmas Tree Farm and tickles him to get him to smile. The little boy has a while dress shirt and suspenders on. Dad is smilling and has a blue striped dress shirt on.
Two kids sit in a red Christmas Tree cart being pulled by Dad. They are sitting on a cream blanket and have a red and black plaid blanket over the two of thier shoulders
Close up of little girl sitting in her moms lap while holding her hand.
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