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Newborn sleeps on his dad's shoulder. He has a forest green sleeper on and his newborn hair sticks up since it's so fuzzy.

Ann Arbor Newborn Photography

You'll wanna remember the way their ear folds and the fuzzy hairs on their head. Newborn photography is about capturing the feeling. The uniqueness about your baby, the way their nose wrinkles, and their sleepy eyes falling asleep in your arms. No crazy props or unnatural poses here. I want you to look back and instantly remember that sweet newborn smell.


Newborn Photographer in Southeast Michigan

In your arms

There will be a lot of photos of baby in your arms. Because that's where baby is most. That is where they are happiest. It is about documenting how it really is and the beauty in that. Seeing your worth as a new mom and dad is valuable. When your kids get older they can look back and see their parents and how much they are loved by you. 

a new father holds his newborn baby during an in home newborn session with Ann Arbor photographer Sophia Pedrys


Newborn sessions are usually 1-2 hours long. This is so baby can sleep, eat, or be awake whenever they want to be. You can nurse when you feel the need to and not be rushed in time. I never schedule more than one newborn in the same day. I want you to be able to rock your sweet baby as they drift off to sleep. These moments make the best frames. 

a newborn smiles in their sleep while being held by his mother. Photo by Ann Arbor Newborn Photographer Sophia Pedrys


If you have other kids I would love to include them in this. A new baby is a new family member and everyone is excited. A lot of times there is an excited toddler that likes to jump on the bed or one that is more calm and wants to 'help' with the baby. Either way we will capture them as they are. 

A big sister smiles as she helps give newborn pacifier during lifestyle newborn session with Sophia Pedrys in Ann Arbor, Michigan


You do not need a Pinterest ready home. One window with good natural light is all we need. Most of my work has a blurred background so you won't see much of your decor. The most important thing is the light. I will position you close to the window and have you hold your baby close while I find the light for her sweet little face. 

a baby is sleeping on their parents shoulder, bathed in soft light from a large window during organic newborn session with Sophia Pedrys in Livonia, MI


Toward the end of your session we will move to getting your baby's portraits. Usually they are a bit tired by then which makes it easier to wrap them and have them lay alone for these. You can choose one of the wraps I bring, I will have many. I also love to use whatever is special for them. If you have one you particularly love we will use that. We will do most with baby in just a diaper, then moved to an outfit if you prefer, then will end with diaper only and wraps. 

A newborn baby wrapped in a gray textured swaddle lays on a white blanket during in-home newborn lifestyle session in Ann Arbor, MI


You will show up in these photos, I want you to see how valuable you are as a mother. How much that baby already loves you. And how beautiful you are after such a life altering event of bringing a soul into the world. As moms we are always the one taking the picture and I can promise you, you will want to look back and see how stunning you actually are. 

New mom smiles, holds newborn baby close. They are standing in front of a window, and the baby is looking at the camera. Photo by newborn lifestyle photographer Sophia Pedrys in Ann Arbor, MI


Sessions are $450 and include 40-50 edited digital images. The session includes a link to an online gallery you will receive from me about a week - three weeks after your session with high resolution, edited, digital files. You can download these and share online, print, or whatever you would like. I just ask that you do not edit or alter the images. 

Newborn baby girl sleeps with Dad craddles her feet. She is wrapped in a brown swaddle and has a cream bow on her head. Photo by Ann Arbor Newborn Photographer Sophia Pedrys
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