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Hi, I'm Sophia 

A family in the fall woods, mom has her hand on her toddler son's shoulder. Dad is holding his daughter smiling close to mom. The sun is starting to set and shines through the trees.
Husband hold her wife close while she smiles at the camera. They are lightly touching hands, and she is leaning into him. They are in the woods alone standing in the autumn leaves.


Hi, I'm Sophia but you can call me Sophie. I'm married to my husband who showed me my love for camping and kayaking and all things outdoors in Michigan. I was so close to moving out of state before we met and soooo glad I didn't! We have two kiddos together and hoping for more one day ;) But also kids are hard so we will see!

We live on a couple acres in a small farm town outside of Ann Arbor, MI in my absolute dream home. I am in love with coffee, big dogs, piano, reading, and holistic living. But I'm also super girly and don't wanna give up my eyelash extensions, or cute shoes. Don't make me choose!

I recently left a job that was soul crushing. In every way. I struggled with anxiety because of it and after a few years in it I decided to start my photography business dream. I am now a full time photographer while juggling kids and honestly love what I do! I capture what I am most passionate about so that's why you'll see Newborns, Maternity, Birth, and Families here. I like the close emotive frames that make you see your beauty as a mother and the love in your family! 

Anyways, I'm happy you're here and can't wait to hear from you!

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Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Tel: 816-522-7082

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