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new mom consoles baby with a pacifier with dad standing supportively next to her in their home

Newborn Galleries

Newborn photography is about the feeling. I want you to remember how your baby felt in your arms, the smell of their newborn head, and how time stood still in your bubble bringing your new baby home. 

Newborn baby girl sleeps wrapped in a brown blanket and a cream bow on her head
New baby uses a pacifier and streatches his fingers while sleeping
new parents smile down at their newbon baby while mom craddles his head in her hands
Newborn baby boy sucks on his fist while drifting off to sleep in a gray sleeper
newborn baby boy starts to drift off to sleep while his mom craddles his head on her shoulder
baby's little fingers making a fist while laying on a while pillow in a gray onsie sleeper
close up of baby's nose while mom snuggles her baby girl on her shoulder
newborn baby girl gives a smile while she sleeps in her mommys arms
excited toddler big sister tries to help baby with her pacifier baby is wrapped in a dark blanekt on the bed
mommy snuggles her baby girl close to her chest with her hand wrapped around babys body, baby is in a  white diaper
excited big sister touches her new baby brothers hand while mom snuggles her against her chest
newborn baby girl sleeps soundly with a gray blaket craddling her and a cream bow on her head
newborn baby boy sneezes during his photo session with photographer Sophia Pedrys Photography
close up photo of moms hand on baby with a diamond ring and babys little hand on his moms hand
mom brings her baby to her lips so she can kiss baby's little nose
toddler big brother has a big smile while getting to hold his new baby brother while mom and dad look at eachother and smile with happiness
baby girl slightly wakes up during her photography session with a light pink bow on her head and a gray blanket wrapped around her
baby feet in her mom's hands at their home
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