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New mom looks at her baby in the hospital at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor

Birth Photography

The day of your baby's birth is such a special one. Capturing all the emotions, the strength, love, and power you posses is something every mother deserves to see. I am a more modest birth photographer. While I do capture crowning photos most of your gallery will be PG rated. This is my intent so you can make a coffee table book and show your loved ones. It doesn't need to be a scary, painful event. It can also be full of so much love and peace. 


Giving birth takes mental and physical strength. Having photos you can look back on and see your worth through this process is invaluable. As a first time mom I doubted myself in those first few weeks. I was worried I wasn't a good mom or I was doing it wrong. Having these to remind me I am the best mom because when my baby needed me I did it would of made a world of difference for me. 

Pregnant mom in labor works through a contraction while her husband holds her hand. She is in the hospital bed in a gown. Photo by birth photographer Sophia Pedrys

Remembering every detail

My main goal is to get you THE photo. The one where you see your baby for the first time, when you finally feel it all and know you did it. I want you to be able to remember that minute. It all happens so quick and the rush of hormones makes it all go by that much faster. I want you to have these photos so you can remember the feeling when you first realized you freaking did it. 

New mom holds her brand new baby after birth and smiles with relief while he is crying on her chest. Photo by birth photographer Sophia Pedrys
Expecting mom in labor at the hospital. Her husband puts a hand on her shoulder.

Cause sometimes it doesn't go as planned

There are things that you for sure want, of course, but sometimes it doesn't always go exactly like you want. Having your birth documented can be extremely helpful to process things. It can also help you tell your birth story to your baby one day. I've asked my own mother so many things about her deliveries and she gets mine and my brothers labors mixed up. (love you mom) When you daughter is having her own family someday you can show her these and stand by her when she is feeling unsure of it all. 


There are so many emotions during birth and they are all valid. There is also so much beauty in each emotion. I will never be in the way of your birth, it is yours. My goal is to be a fly on the wall. I want to get the emotions from the edge of the room. I want to let things unfold and be there to get the best angles for you. 

Happy parents gaze at their newborn they just gave birth to in the hopsital at Trinity Health Ann Arbor. Photo by birth photographer Sophia Pedrys
New mom snuggles her newborn baby after giving birth. Baby's eyes are open and he is on her chest wrapped in a hospital blanket. Photo by birth photographer, Sophia Pedrys

How it works....

I will be 'on call' for your birth two weeks before your estimated due date and two weeks after. I will of course make every effort to make it if you give birth outside of those dates. I will join you when things start to progress into active labor or whenever you feel would be best. Most of the time I will join when you get admitted to the Labor and Delivery unit and are settled or for a home birth when you are having consistent contractions for one hour. Once we talk more about where you are delivering I will give you specifics guidelines so there is no confusion. The most important thing to remember is to call me when it starts. I will also stay one to two hours after your birth to capture your little one. You will get sneak peaks with a birth announcement photo to use 24-36 hours after birth. 


I serve anywhere about an hour from Ann Arbor, MI. I have attended and photographed births at St. Joseph Ann Arbor, Ascension Providence Southfield, and Ascension St. John Main.

New baby at the hospital laying on a hosital blanket with his hospital bracelet on and a blue and pink stripped hospital hat.


Birth photography is $1,200 and includes myself being 'on call' for 2 weeks prior to your due date and 2 weeks after. This also includes whatever time frame your labor takes. There is no limitation, as birth is unpredictable. You will receive an online gallery with all of your birth images included. (excluding duplicates and any non usable images) Usually this is around 150 images. I will stay 1-2 hours after your birth to capture your little one and a birth announcement. I require $300 non refundable deposit to hold your date. Then the additional $900 will be due when you are 36 weeks pregnant. 

New mom looks at her baby right after giving birth at Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor, MI. Photo by birth photographer, Sophia Pedrys
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