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Maternity Session at Miller Park in Ann Arbor Michigan

A pregnant Mom to be and Dad holding hands in the woods. The light peaks through the trees with flowers surrounding them.

After talking to the mommy to be she reccommended a spot that was special to them and I am so glad she did! I had heard of Miller Park before but this was my first time shooting there. The light was peaking through the trees at a beautiful angle and it was that perfect Michigan summer temperature. Their sweet pup stayed by our side the whole time while we walked through the woods. He had such a serious look like he knew his job of big brother dog was very important. :)

I think capturing this time is so valuable, not only for you to look back but for your child to see too! They get to see their parents before it all started.

Pregnant woman dances with her husband in the woods. She is in a white dress showing off  her baby bump. Her husband twirls her while they dance.

Anyways, I hope when you see these you think about getting maternity pictures done. It's often something that is overlooked but is a time for you to celebrate your body and the journey you are on! It's a chance to get dressed up and feel like a fairy princess again. I know how hard it is to see your body change and feel not like yourself. You deserve to be celebrated and see the beauty you radiate!

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