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Winter Maternity Session

If you're expecting and it's winter I promise you will not regret getting some snowy pictures with your belly! It's about documenting your story and if you're 35 weeks pregnant when there is a foot of snow then that's part of your unique story you get to tell your kids one day.

With all this snow we got I immediately reached out on my local Facebook moms group to find someone who was down to create some wintery maternity photos! I am so happy I did because not only was it SO fun but I got to talk to Hannah about her kids and her TWIN pregnancy! I love all things babies and could talk about pregnancy all day.

This is actually a dress a former client gave me that's in my client closet. I have maternity dresses for you to choose from or you can purchase one you love too. (ask for recommendations, there are a few dresses I've been eyeing!) This is the time to wear what you feel beautiful in and go all out with it! You deserve to feel beautiful and treat yourself to a morning of dress up before baby comes.

Would you believe me if I told you we took these all on the side of a random dirt road? Well we did just that. There was so much snow that we literally couldn't walk into a park! I went looking for a location that morning and quickly found that I could barely get around in my jeep on the half plowed streets. Sometimes you just work with what you have and ooheeee these still turned out gorgeous.

I know a lot of women are hesitant to get maternity pictures when its winter or early spring. But truly you will be so glad you have something to look back on one day. I love showing my kids pictures of when they were in my belly. They light up and each get so excited when I tell them which picture is them in my belly.

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