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Why Newborn Photography

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

When I first started photography I was open to trying everything so I literally did just that. I photographed a small wedding on my own, couples, events, family, branding, seniors. But the thing I absolutely loved, the thing where my heart soared was newborn photography. Really anything to do with motherhood reallllly got my creativity flowing. I had so much heart in my photos when I was photographing newborns, mothers, families, and birth!

My first newborn photography session

These photos are all from my first newborn photo shoot and honestly I still adore how these photos turned out. I had also done a maternity photo session for this mommy to be and when she reached out about a newborn shoot once he was born I was so excited! My heart was racing when I was driving there and I knew deep down that this is what I was meant to do.

Connection in families

This is what I found I loved to capture. That feeling you and your partner have with that new little baby. I love getting how the dad feels and catching him when he is looking at mom. I think showing mom how loved and beautiful she is has so much value. Especially since we all tend to doubt ourselves in those beginning weeks.

This little guy was actually one month old when we did his newborn photos. I now usually do newborns at one to two weeks after they are born. Anytime is a good time to capture your little one. We were able to get the 'lion king' shot since he was a bit older and could support his head better. If I could I would get my family photos done monthly but I don't think my husband would agree to as much. LOL!

Once I got started and got into a flow it came natural to me on what I wanted to shoot. If you love something you know what and how to capture it. Like their little hand, how they snuggle into mommy, the big baby yawns. I strongly advocate when looking for a photographer to get someone who specializes in something. Each genre is so different. And most importantly if you don't LOVE LOVE what you are photographing then it will show in the photos. I am a little obsessed with birth, newborns, and kids. I think just because I fell so hard for my own two kiddos. I just want to connect with other moms and hear their side. It's not all rainbows and butterflies but I want to show you that side in your motherhood journey.

Thank you so much Alyson and Scott for taking a chance on me in the early days! I hope you look back on these and remember that little squishy baby and all the love surrounding you.

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